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With hiring deadlines shorter and ramp-up time immediate, short-term jobs can be among your biggest hiring challenges. You need people you can count on to understand the job before they arrive and do it right the day they start. We get that. Which is why all Cara Connects candidates go through a rigorous onboarding, the depth of which is dictated by their past experiences and current skills plus an orientation to your culture and expectations, before we present them to you. Then, for as long as you have them on assignment up to one year on the job, we’ll provide supplemental job coaching and comprehensive support to make certain our candidates are powered to exceed your on-the-job expectations. Learn why our candidates don’t just go to work, they work out.
We do our homework on your hiring needs to source candidates who are the best fit.
Your job is hard. We want to make it easier - from screening to scheduling, we save you time.
Candidates come to you ready to hit the ground running because they've already put in the work at Cara to get ready.
We're here for the long game, so we always seek new ways to learn from you and ensure we're meeting your needs.
We sweat our matches and intensively support our placements so they don't just stick and stay, they thrive on the job.
Cara Candidates Stick and Stay
By the time you meet our candidates, we have done much of the heavy lifting for you. Our candidates have been pre-screened, drug tested, background checked, and properly trained. These steps not only streamline your vetting processes, they also guarantee that the candidates you interview are responsible, professional, and prepared for your workplace. Bottom line? Cara candidates are the ones who stay. And our numbers prove it. Learn More >
Feel Good and Do Good
Owned and operated by Cara, Cara Connects brings the same levels of excellence, customer service, and results Cara has become known for after more than 25 years serving Chicagoland employers. We proudly honor Cara’s mission, values, and principles in our practice. You get the benefit of “try before you buy” and then if you greenlight a candidate to go permanent, we charge no conversion fee after 120 days. You can feel good about how your resources are being leveraged, while doing good in support of a larger mission to put our city back to work. Contact us for a quote today.

More about Cara Connects We find you the talent that others could not
Here’s the thing: There is an entirely untapped population of talent in our community – people who are un- or under-employed and may need a little nudge to help float to the top of an increasingly competitive virtual stack of resumes. Our job at Cara Connects is to find those who deserve a stronger look-see and who possess the experience and the tenacity to hit the ground running. Your candidate is out there – let us help you find him or her and give you the time and space to get back to work.
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